Sunday, December 26, 2010

Seeing The Unseen Christ

Move your entire congregation to experience the transforming presence of the risen Lord by "Seeing The Unseen Christ" in church on Sundays and beyond. They'll develop a whole new outlook toward Sundays and everyday when they learn to capture a deeper perspective on Christ's active, living presence among us.

When we see Christ present on Sundays we will:
  • Worship him with genuine enthusiasm
  • Lavish his love on others
  • Embrace righteousness and renounce evil
  • Serve him with gratitude and eagerness
  • Surrender to the truth of God's Word
  • Experience the privilege of authentic prayer
  • Delight in introducing him to others
  • Celebrate God's gift of life at its best

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Season of Wonder: Opening the Door to Christmas and Beyond

A Season of Wonder from Mainstay Ministries
What did you like best about Christmas when you were a kid? New toys? Grandmother's house? Or was it the piney aroma of the tree? Could it have been simply the sheer wonder of it all? If you watch young children on Christmas morning, you'll see the excitement sparkling in their eyes.

That's what this preaching series is all about - experiencing the joy of Christmas by opening your heart to this season of wonder.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Christmas You've Always Longed For Advent Calendar

Mainstay Ministries' Family Advent Calendar is much more than a countdown of whats and how-tos. It's a comprehensive tool for making this the most meaningful, Christ-centered Christmas you've ever experienced. Beginning four Sundays before Christmas and continuing through New Year's Day, this tabletop calendar provides you with:

  • Scripture reading to take you verse by verse through the Christmas story
  • Simple yet meaningful home Advent cerenomies
  • Inspirational Christmas quotes and hymns
  • Weekly conversation starters for Sunday meals with family and friends
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for making an Advent wreath
  • Ideas for families with children as well as for couples and individuals