Thursday, September 27, 2012

Making Christmas Meaningful: Transform Trivial Pursuits into Memorable Celebrations

For many of us, the Christmas celebration is a mile wide and an inch deep. We tire ourselves with an ever-growing number of gifts to buy, activities to complete, and traditions to uphold. And through a maze of cards and calls, outreach and entertainment, we struggle to connect with others in meaningful ways. Our intentions are sincere. But when we look back on the season, too often we're left feeling diminished by our efforts. Our labors, great or small, have somehow only touched the surface.  Go Here for a Special Package Offer

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The Christmas Touch: Making Christlike Connections during the Holidays

God reached out in love to the world at Christmas. It would be good if we could learn to connect with people in a similar fashion. That's what this Advent series is all about - extending a Christlike "touch" so this holiday season others can experience Christ anew. The Christmas Touch Sermon Series lays out a course of action that will enhance your holiday experience through looking at six characters in the Christmas story. They will teach you how to make meaningful connections with God and others though December.

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From Another World to Ours

From Another World to Ours is a fresh and appealing outreach-minded Christmas series. This 2012 Christmas sermon series comes complete with all the tools you need. Each sermon is supported by numerous service ideas, professional pre-built graphics, video and take-home World Maps. You decide which pieces to use for creating custom services tailored to your sermons and congregation. 

From Another World to Ours will inject joy and enthusiasm into your church as you teach people how to reach those who are foreign among us. 

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The Amazing Emmanuel: Discover What True Hero Worship Is All About

There is someone who is characterized by each of those "superheroic" qualities - except one. Jesus Christ is not imaginary. He really was born, and he really did perform supernatural feats (not the least of which was dying for the sin of all humanity).

In this December sermon series you'll preach on just what makes this Amazing Emmanuel the timeless hero that he is. Allow it to help you penetrate the holiday-decked walls of your church with a kind of X-ray vision that sees what most find difficult to focus on - that Christ is the center of Christmas.  The Amazing Emmanuel: Discover What True Hero Worship Is All About Sermon Series is now available at the Mainstay Ministries.

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