Thursday, May 31, 2012

Father's Day 2012 Gifts for Christians

A great way to make your Dad happy this Father's Day 2012 is to give him a good book to read.  Dr. David Mains, a senior Pastor in Chicago at Circle Church and a Director of The Chapel of the Air radio ministry, had authored Christian and inspirational books tailored for dads. As a father, he shares his life's journey, lessons and advocacy.  For a complete list books and gifts, you can visit the Mainstay Ministries website at

The Bible for Personal Revival by David Mains

When we meditate, or visit the Church, we feel the Lord's presence.  Extreme happiness, serenity and contentment takes place every time we pray but sometimes, we experience spiritual dryness due to inner hurts,struggles and disappointments.   The Bible for Personal Revival by David Mains is a unique study Bible, based on the successful 50-Day Spiritual Adventure seminars.  It features the same kind of practical Bible-based teaching that has already helped millions of people experience personal revival.

It’s designed to spark revival—in individuals, in their churches, and in their communities. Features include: New International Version combines ease of reading with accuracy of translation in today’s most widely used modern translation.  52 Spiritual Adventures with action steps challenge Christians to recognize Jesus’ presence and follow in his footsteps every single day.  250 Profiles show what happens in the lives of people and communities when they experience the power fo God’s presence in a dramatic way.  Double-column format with center-column, cross references.  NIV Concordance.

The Bible for Personal Revival by David Mains is a perfect book for everyone. Grab a copy at Mainstay Ministries.

Never too Late to Dream by David Mains

Success starts with a Dream.  When we were little kids, we used to dream on what we want to be when we grow up.  After we finished college, we realized that life is full of surprises, challenges, and sometimes frustrations.  Never too Late to Dream by David Mains is a great book that will mold you spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  It will help you process the Scriptures that you read throughout your 50 Day Spiritual Adventure. Each day, answer a few questions to help you get at the meaning of the biblical text and how it applies to your life.   This journal is not an intensive Bible study guide; it's primarily a tool for life application. Along with the daily Scripture questions, you'll find instructions for practical ways to help you live out the biblical principles you learn.

Along with your Bible, Never too Late to Dream by David Mains is a perfect companion as you fulfill your aspirations in life.

Seeing the Unseen Christ Adult Journal by David Mains

The Seeing the Unseen Christ journal by David Mains encourages healthy spiritual habits through daily Bible study, prayer, Scripture memory, and practical, life-application suggestions called action steps. Your Sunday sermon is reinforced and applied Monday through Saturday. It is designed to help your adults “see” Christ present on Sundays, and experience his transforming presence every day of the week. For maximum effectiveness, use this journal in conjunction with The Unseen Guest Adventure Guidebook.

The Sense of His Presence by David Mains

The Sense of His Presence by Dr. David Mains studies the concept of what happens when a people believe and experience God’s Presence. After a lifetime of study on the topic of revival, David and reduced the complexities to understandable and applicable principles. What would happen if Christ bodily walked in the door of your church? Our response to this question is crucial to understanding what happens when revival is poured out on God’s people. The common experience of all revival events is an overwhelming sense of God’s immediate Presence. This book has renewed the understanding of Christians across the country and given many a longing to know and experience Christ intimately.

Visit the Mainstay Ministries for a complete list of  Dr. David Mains' book.

When Life Becomes a Maze Guidebook by David Mains

Life can sometimes be complicated.  Trials, never ending problems, and wrong decision making affects our everyday activities.  When we encounter a perplex situation, we need a good book to comfort us.

When Life Becomes a Maze Guidebook by David Mains is a perfect companion as we journey through life's ups and downs.  From his own experiences, David Mains honestly and vulnerably shares the principles he has learned while in his own maze. No matter what puzzling perplexity you face, you can press through to emerge with the Lord by your side!

More of  David Mains' motivational books when you visit

Two are Better than One by David Mains

The truth is this: We cannot do it on our own. Nor did Scripture intend for the life of the Christian to be a solo life. Hungry Souls ministry is based on the premise that we are strengthened with others walk alongside us. We are developing a Covenant Group paradigm so others may begin to experience the amazing gifts given when a group of people commit themselves to holy growth together. This book helps you develop one prayer partner relationship, and it was written because we discovered that a majority of Christians have not even established a regular praying friendship. Tested through Mainstay Ministries' 50-Day Spiritual Adventures, this practical little booklet has affected amazing change in 1000’s of believers' lives. Group purchase discounts are available.

Two are Better than One by David Mains is available at   Grab a copy for you and your prayer partner.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Back when you were growing up, was there a doghouse in your family? Not outside for Fido, but a figurative doghouse that one of the family members always occupied?

Maybe there was a favorite child, another who was usually in a more neutral spot, but also a son or daughter everyone knew was regularly in the doghouse. That was for doing something bad or embarrassing. Along with putting a family member in that position went the withholding of love. For example, a parent might not talk to the person for days … or weeks … or months! The family “doghouse” can be an awful place for the person in it.

But how does one get relegated to the “family doghouse”?

Lots of ways. Maybe you didn’t keep your room clean, or you broke something, or you stepped on the neighbor’s flowers while retrieving your Frisbee, or you wore your hair too long, or you dated somebody your parents didn’t approve of, or one year you didn’t drive home for Thanksgiving to be with the family. You can still be put in the family doghouse long after you leave the home you were raised in.

Just as there would be a lot of hurt involved in having to live outside in a literal doghouse, so this position of receiving criticism is an awful place to be consigned to. You know that if you’ve ever been in it. That’s why families tend to joke about who’s in the “doghouse.” The pain is too great to talk about in a more-serious way. A family doghouse is often part of a dysfunctional home where love is given more on the basis of performance than it is unconditionally. The unstated rule is, “Please me, and you’ll earn my love. Go contrary to my expectations, however, and you’ll know my displeasure, believe me!”


The 2012 Olympic Winter Games will be front-page news in America soon.  These upcoming events occur from July 27-August 12 in London, England, and feature world-class competitors who are vying to become recognized athletic champions.   Pastor, you can leverage all that media attention into spiritual lessons taught at your church!  Preach through the brand new sermon series Go for the Goal: Becoming a Spiritual Champion.  While they watch others on TV strive to become athletic champions, you'll encourage your congregation to put into practice what the Scriptures have to say about becoming spiritual champions!