Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two are Better than One by David Mains

The truth is this: We cannot do it on our own. Nor did Scripture intend for the life of the Christian to be a solo life. Hungry Souls ministry is based on the premise that we are strengthened with others walk alongside us. We are developing a Covenant Group paradigm so others may begin to experience the amazing gifts given when a group of people commit themselves to holy growth together. This book helps you develop one prayer partner relationship, and it was written because we discovered that a majority of Christians have not even established a regular praying friendship. Tested through Mainstay Ministries' 50-Day Spiritual Adventures, this practical little booklet has affected amazing change in 1000’s of believers' lives. Group purchase discounts are available.

Two are Better than One by David Mains is available at   Grab a copy for you and your prayer partner.

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