Sunday, June 26, 2011

Teleprompters For Pastors

by Dr. David R. Mains of Mainstay Ministries

In the discussion about manuscripting a sermon or preaching from notes, there is little question as to which side will win in the long run. Modern technology has already determined that.

Whenever the president gives a key speech, he’s reading it from a teleprompter. He’s very good at what he does, but he’s not talking from notes, or memory, or off the top of his head. His words have been carefully crafted, and they are all right there in front of him.

One of Sarah Palin’s great skills is her ability to read a teleprompter in a natural and convincing way. Can she give a good stump speech when she has to? Yes, and so can most people in the political world. But, when it’s time to deliver a real “blockbuster,” they’re back to the teleprompter.

There is a technique to doing this so your eyes are not locked on the screen. Some speakers are good at this; others, not so much. Like anything else, it is an acquired skill.

“What does that have to do with preaching?” you ask.

Mark my words, in the days to come, the leading churches will have teleprompters and their pastors will put them to use. Why? Because there are so many advantages to using them if you are interested in clear content and powerful words.

In the case of the President, someone else may write the original copy, but that comes out of a brainstorm session in which he has been involved. He will also put his finishing touches on the script.

For years Christian leaders have written books this same way. Don’t tell me they won’t use this technique when it comes to preparing sermons.

Like everything else electronic, in the future teleprompters will also be more and more affordable.

So don’t write off manuscripting sermons just yet. I believe the day is coming when this will be thought as the only way to go!

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