Saturday, March 16, 2013

Daring to Dream Again: Overcoming Barriers That Hold You Back,

When you preach this 50-Day Spiritual Adventure, "Daring to Dream Again: Overcoming Barriers That Hold You Back," your entire congregation will journey into God's life-changing Word. You'll preach on ways to dream again spiritually. You'll teach people how to live up to the desires God has for each of us. You'll unfold ways to overcome barriers that hold your church back from its enormous God-given potential.

This sermon series for 2013 is a preaching series that lays out eight biblical steps your congregation can take to start dreaming again spiritually.

Get your church on board this Adventure as a church-wide campaign. Infuse everyone with new life and spiritual energy as you investigate the biblical, heartfelt aspirations God has on our behalf.

Grab a copy at  Mainstay Ministries

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