Monday, May 27, 2013

The Church You've Always Longed For Sermon Series 2013 - Deluxe Campaign Starter Kit

The Church You've Always Longed For Sermon Series 2013 - Deluxe Campaign Starter Kit 

Dear Pastor or Church Leader,
This exceptional life-changing 50-Day Spiritual Adventure, "The Church You'e Always Longed For," is a preaching series that builds unity and togetherness as it lays out eight biblical characteristics that God want your church to embrace.

When you preach this 50-Day Spiritual Adventure, "The Church You've Always Longed For: What You Can Do to Make it Happen," your entire congregation will journey into God's life-changing Word. You'll preach on God's vision for your congregation. You'll teach people how to live up to the desires God has for each of us. You'll unfold ways to develop unity and togetherness as you embrace the characteristics of God's Body at its best.

Get your church on board this Adventure  as a church-wide campaign. Infuse everyone with new life and spiritual energy as you investigate the biblical, heartfelt aspirations God has on our behalf.  Visit Mainstay Ministries to order this sermon series 2013 deluxe campaign starter kit.

Preview of the 8 Sermon Themes:

The church you've always longed for...
1. Works at being a caring family
    Acts 2:42-47 et al -
    How-to: Learn to listen with the ears of Jesus
2. Captures the heart of the community
    Acts 5:12-16 et al -
    How-to: Say good things about the church
3. Welcomes all people
    Acts 10:1-35 et al -
    How-to: Connect with individuals outside your circle
4. Empowers each individual
    Acts 18:24-28 et al -
    How-to: Help each other become all God wants us to be
5. Models integrity
    Acts 5:1-11 et al -
    How-to: Get rid of garbage that pollutes God's church
6. Serves a broken world
    Acts 16:6-15 -
7. Encounters the living God
    Acts 4:23-31 et al -
8. Anticipates a great future
    Matthew 16:13-21 et al -

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