Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas 2013 Gift List for Kids

For kids, Christmas is the happiest day of the year.  Colorful Christmas lights twinkle with joy.  Santa Claus is everywhere, whispers promise of gifts to kids.  Laughter fills the room, may it be big or small. White colored snow dancing in the air, holiday bells can't stop singing.  Gift of love is heartfully felt.  Never ending list of Christmas presents.  To give you a hint, let's start with a Christmas 2013 gift list for kids

1)  The Tales of the Kingdom offers fast-paced action and exciting storytelling with a enduring Christian message. Enjoy the beautiful, full-color illustrations as these classic allegories teach kids and adults the importance of trusting God as they unveils fundamental truths about good and evil.

2)  Tales of the Resistance  contains 12 stories about Hero's participation in the underground taxi resistance against the evil Enchanter, challenger to the one True King. High drama unfolds as everywhere Hero turns there are suffering people in need of his help! You'll meet Carny, Doubletalk, Sewer Rat #1, the Boiler Brat and the Most Beautiful Player of All. And you'll feel the tension of Traffic Court and the Burning Place. But mostly, your readers will be reminded that God's Kingdom is all around us, if we care to find it, and that the presence of the King dispels all darkness from our hearts and souls.

3)  Tales of the Restoration  is the long awaited conclusion in the Kingdom Tales trilogy, the one True King has broken the reign of the evil Enchanter and the restoration has begun. You'll meet Grandma Vigilantes, the Girl with the Very Loud Outside Voice, along with beloved friends Little Child, the Princess Amanda, Hero, and others. Each character is learning how to find a special place in Bright City, to do a job no one else can do.

This Christmas 2013 Gift List for Kidss are now available on Amazon.

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